Useful Links and Resources

Here's a list of links and resources that you may find useful. If you find any others that you think are helpful, please use our Contact page to get in touch and let us know.

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​From Teagasc, a detailed publication which includes a detailed Beekeeping Calender, the specs for making hives and lots of other valuable information.

Dave Cushman's site has a lot of useful information.

The Department of Agriculture has lots of information about beekeeping, regulations and possible diseases of bees.

The Federation of Irish Beekeeping Association, a wealth of information.

The Norfolk Honey Company has a range of very useful practical beekeeping videos available online.

How to use a bee smoker has lots of advice on this topic.

You can read about some common mistakes here. 


Bee Friendly Plants

Biodiversity Ireland has a publications on bee friendly plants.

As does the Royal Horticultural Society, concentrating more on garden plants and flowers.

Irish Beekeeping has a useful web page with pictures of bee friendly plants, flowers and trees.

Gardeners’ World’s web page concentrates on garden flowers, again with pictures.

Beverley Bee’s has a post about how to have a bee friendly garden.

Teagasc publication on bee friendly farming.

A clean new bee smoker
Beekeeping Supplies
Bee Supplies, near the M50
Ben Harden Beekeeping, in Gorey
Irish Bee Supplies are based in Louth
Thorne's, a British company