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This guide, the Beekeeping Year is done with potential or novice beekeepers in mind. Hopefully it will give you an idea of some of the tasks that are carried out in an apiary in the here in County Wexford and encourage you to take up beekeeping.

What needs to be done in an apiary changes from month to month and is also very dependent on weather conditions, which can vary a lot from year to year. How the different beekeeping tasks are carried out also varies a lot depending on the beekeeper. 

We've included photographs of some of the important pollen and nectar producing flowers and trees in Ireland for each month, so even if you decide that beekeeping is not for you, you can still do your bit for bees by planting and protecting bee friendly plants.

A swarm of bees walking into a hive
The Beekeeping Year

The information here has been kindly provided by experienced members of our association in order to give prospective beekeepers a flavour of what beekeeping involves, but attending a beekeeping course is still one of the best ways to learn about bees and beekeeping. 

For more detailed and technical information about beekeeping, take a look at this Teagasc publication, which also includes a Beekeeping Calender

A honey bee on moss
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