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Swarm season for honeybees in Ireland runs from about late April into July, depending on the weather. A swarm of bees is how a colony of bees reproduces. The swarm flies away from their home with their queen to set up a new colony. This is a completely normal part of nature. A swarm will be a cluster of bees tightly packed together.

If you discover a swarm of bees at your house or in your garden, please don't harm them. Stay away from the swarm and keep children and pets away from it as well. Swarms, while they can be noisy and surprising to behold, are generally not at all aggressive. Usually a swarm of bees will leave within a day or two to make a permanent home for themselves elsewhere.

Bees, wasps or bumblebees?


Our association can only provide assistance with swarms of bees, also known as honeybees. Please check here to see the difference between bees, wasps and honeybees.

Help with a swarm

June 14 Lewis shaking swarm out of skep.JPG


If you have a swarm of bees at your property which you need removed, please complete the form below. I will share your information with our members, one of whom may be able to help. If that is the case, then the beekeeper will contact you directly him/herself.


Sometimes a colony of bees live happily in a roof. Usually, the colony is high off the ground and does not pose any danger to the residents. Safely removing an existing colony of bees can be difficult and time consuming work and will generally involve a charge. If you need a colony of bees removed, please complete the form below.

​I will pass your information onto the members of our association who specialize in this kind of work, and one of them may be able to help with the colony. If that is the case, the beekeeper will contact you him/herself.

Contact Form

Please complete this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks for your concern for bees!

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