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National Apiculture Programme and sampling for better bees in Ireland

Calling all beekeepers!

Dr Julia Jones and Dr Darren O’Connell at UCD and collaborators are investigating the

relationship between honey bee colony losses and different stress factors in Ireland, such as

the prevalence and effects of all major honey bee pathogens, pesticides and changes in

climate. As part of this, they need beekeepers across the country to collect samples from their

colonies. With your help, they will be able to inform and benefit bee health and the beekeeping

community in Ireland.

What’s involved? Participation is easy, all you need to do is collect and submit a one-off set

of samples from five of your colonies (or less if you have fewer colonies). They will provide

you with detailed instructions on what to do and a sampling kit.

What will they do? Once received, they will test your samples for all major honey bee

pathogens. Their pathogen testing will include the major viruses, and screening Irish honey for

the presence of spores and strain type of the destructive American Foulbrood disease.

All data you provide will be treated confidentially and used exclusively for research

purposes. Once the project is complete, you will be given access to your own results, which

they hope will provide valuable insight into the health of your colonies.

If you can participate please email Julia at:

Many thanks.

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